Idiomatic Expressions of Japan

  1. あいかわらず
    [あいかわらず, aikawarazu] same as ever; just like always
  2. 挨拶回り
    [あいさつまわり, aisatsu-mawari] process of visiting all of one’s colleagues or coworkers to say hello
  3. 足を出す
    [あしをだす, ashi o dasu] reveal a secret; let the cat out of the bag
  4. 蟻の這い出る隙もない
    [ありのはいでるすきもない, ari no haideru sukima mo nai] there isn’t even space for an ant to go through
  5. 油を乗る
    [あぶらをのる, abura o noru] warm up to a subject; be interested
  6. 後の祭り
    [あとのまつり, ato no matsuri] it’s too late; a day late and a dollar short
  7. 後を絶たない
    [あとをたたない, ato o tatanai] endless
  8. 頭が悪い
    [あたまがわるい, atama ga warui] be dumb; be slow
  9. 頭にくる
    [あたまにくる, atama ni kuru] be angry; become angry; get pissed
  10. 頭がいい
    [あたまがいい, atama ga ii] be smart; be quick

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