What is Japan?


“Land Of The Rising Sun”, it is what Japan is known for because they call their country Nippon o Nihon. According to legend, the archipelago of Japan is made by God Izanagi and their Goddess Izanami. They have a daughter named Amaterasu-the Goddess of Sun. The Japanese believes that their first emperor Jimmu Tenno is the descendant of Amaterasu. This is the reason why they have respect to their emperor.

Japan is an archipelago that composes 6 852 islands. The mountainous islands of it are in the shape of the Moon on the eastern side of Asia. The East Sea is separating it from the Mainland Asia. The four main islands of it are Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu at Hokkaido. The biggest is the Honshu Island, it is where Tokyo is, the capital of Japan.

73% of Japan is mountainous. It has many scattered plains. It has many intermontane basin (A basin between mountain ranges) that 25% of Japan is covered with it. It has a population of 128 056 026 peoples. It has an area of 377 944 km2


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